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September 2, 2022
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February 1, 2023

How to Celebrate a Christmas Vacation in Cabo, Mexico

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Welcome to Los Cabos, a place where you can reconnect with loved ones, experience festive celebrations, and bask in the warmth of starry nights. Here, Mexican customs and cherished traditions inspire the spirit of the festive season. You can reconnect with loved ones over shared feasts and celebrations, and your little ones’ eyes will light up as they see magical Christmas trees decked out with festive lights.

Christmas is one of Mexico’s most important holidays, with an incredible food scene, several exciting events, Spanish Christmas carols, fireworks, dancing, decorations, and Spanish traditions. While Christmas trees and Santa Claus have found their way into Mexican Christmas celebrations, Spanish culture is still strongly observed.

If you are one of the lucky families spending the holiday season in beautiful Cabo, we have put together a festive itinerary for you and your loved ones. Take a look!

Weather in Los Cabos
Leave your puffy coat and winter scarves at home. Instead, fill your vacation bags with swimsuits and flip-flops. The weather in Los Cabos in December is ideal, and well, quite perfect, actually. The temperature ranges from 59 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit on average. The majority of the days are cloudy and windy. We recommend packing shorts or cool pants, a light jacket for boating, sandals, and hiking shoes.

Holiday drinks
Most famously known for tequila and cervezas, Mexico is also home to some delicious holiday drinks! Your private chef at our luxury villa rentals in Cabo san Lucas will make you Ponche Navideno, which means Christmas Punch. No Mexican holiday is complete without this famous warm and spicy drink made with local Mexican fruits, cane sugar, and spices. When holidaying at our Cabo vacation rentals, do try our traditional Mexican drinks.

Our chef will whip out a number of Christmassy drinks such as Noche Buena, a dark and spicy seasonal lager; Rompope – an eggnog-like combination of milk, egg, spice, and liquor, and Coquito, the Puerto Rican version of eggnog, bringing a refreshing and tropical twist to the season. Rompope and Coquito are poured and shared on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), but they can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Mexican food
It comes as no surprise that food is central to all Mexican Christmas celebrations. The vibrant colors of the foods and celebrations accompanying the season reflect the joy of the season.
Mexican Christmas foods include hearty fares such as Bacalao Navideno and Pozole. Tamales, the heart of every Mexican Christmas tradition, take center stage along with Mexican sweets such as buñuelos (A family favorite around Christmas time), Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings Bread), and the chocolate drink called Champurrado.

You can also take a Mexican cooking class at Cabo vacation rentals to recreate the country’s iconic dishes. In a practical, hands-on setting, you’ll learn about the local cuisine and the distinct flavors of Mexican cuisine. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal and a new recipe to take home at the end.

Enjoy the traditional Mexican festivities
There’s no reason to miss out on Christmas celebrations just because you’ve gone on vacation! Steeped in the Catholic tradition, Cabo and the surrounding towns begin celebrating Christmas long before the day arrives.

Maratón Guadalupe-Reyes is a month-long parade of holiday parties and festivities celebrated in México. Candlelight processions, reenactments, and festively illuminated manger scenes are all familiar. You’ll get your fill of the usual fiestas, from the lighting of the tree in Cabo San Lucas to the lengthy celebration of Las Posadas.

The Cabo San Lucas Nautical Christmas Parade is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Watch as yachts, sailboats, and other amazing vessels, each uniquely decorated, sail along the bay in front of your eyes. The Christmas spirit is in the air throughout the holiday season!

Adventures galore
Aside from the festive Mexican Christmas traditions, December is a fantastic time to visit Los Cabos. When you take a Christmas vacation to Cabo, you’ll arrive just in time for the whale-watching season. Cabo is an excellent place to enjoy a whale-watching tour, which will get you up close to these majestic creatures as they pass through Cabo’s waters on their way to their winter breeding grounds.

Winter months, when daytime temperatures are slightly cooler, are ideal for exploring the desert because there is less intense heat to contend with.

If you’d rather relax and unwind, Cabo has miles of white sand beaches ranging from remote and untouched to developed touristy beaches. Enjoy a cocktail with your toes in the sand on beaches dotted with cafes and bars.

Experience festivities home away from home
Our luxury villa rentals in Cabo san Lucas provide an unforgettable backdrop for your Christmas in Cabo. Relax by the private infinity pool with a festive drink in your hand and take in the slow pace of life. Our Cabo villa rentals provide the ideal Christmas getaway destination for a much-anticipated family vacation. With six luxurious guest suites, you and your loved ones can spend the holidays together under one roof.

Travelers come to Los Cabos in December because it is their favorite place to vacation. In fact, it is a very busy time, so planning ahead of time is essential to secure bookings on your favorite luxury villa in Cabo.